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Stainless Steel Rowels

by tkrodeo
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The intimidator is one of our most aggressive rowels. Because of the large openings in this rowel it creates a lot of grab and hook. It is also oversized in diameter, so it's great for riders with long legs or riders that have trouble getting a hold with their feet. It works well in twisted or straight shank spurs.



The fat boy is a great rowel that has an extreme amount of drag. They are extra thick and give you tons of grip without a hooked in feel. These rowels are great for riders that ride kneed up or toes down. It works well in twisted or straight shank spurs.



The champ is a good all around rowel. It is great for intermediate riders or riders that like drag and grab, but still like to kick loose or shuffle their feet. This rowel works well in any spur design.



The superstar is a very aggressive rowel and is designed for riders that like to take deep holds, toes out, and don't like their feet to move at all. This rowel will give you a hooked in feel. They work best with non-twisted shank spurs.



The spoke is our take on the traditional 5 point rowel. We added extra thickness and some notches to improve their performance. This rowel is great for someone who likes the traditional design but wants a little more grip.